Monday, August 4, 2014

New News

It again has been forever since I last posted.  I really am no good at this blogging thing.  I forget I even have a blog most of the time.

Our life has been a whirlwind since last June.  Ellie was born, SEVERE silent reflux began at around 4-5 weeks old.  I took off 12 weeks at the beginning of school because Ellie was so high maintenance. We were on multiple meds to help her poor little system until she was 9 months old.  Med free for 3 months. Had Ellie's one year birthday party and she was a complete grouch.  Two days later, the screaming, arching the back, not sleeping at all, screaming, and more screaming started again.  Back on the meds we went for a month.  She is cutting her one year molars and it got her little system all messed up.  Doctors told us if we can't get her weaned after a month back on the Prevacid, then it's a trip to GI.  So far so good.... :) 

In addition to all the crazy with Miss Priss, Tyson accepted a new job as the head tennis coach in Granbury.  We are so excited about this new job and adventure.  My parents live here and we are excited about being super close to relatives.  Also, the school colors are purple and gold.  Who doesn't want to be PURPLE?!? I am super excited about that :)  It's the little things.  With this new job and new transition, I will be taking on a new roll of stay at home mom.  I am so thrilled to be able to do this.

Maybe with me staying home, I will be better about the blog, but then again, I can't make promises :) 

Saturday, November 9, 2013


my oh my... life has changed so quickly! And I L-O-V-E it!  Sweet Elliott is 4 months old already.  It doesn't seem that it has been that long, because time is flying.  She is a rolling over machine, chatter box, slobber monster and such a joy.

Everyone who sees her pictures is like "Oh she is such a happy baby" Well, there is some truth to that, because we are either happy or sad.  There is very little contentment going on in the stewart house.  With her silent reflux, she is either smiling, sleeping or upset.  She is a VERY sweet baby, but good baby, no.

We are currently on Prevacid and it has been a Godsend for her reflux.  However, she is so high maintenance and we have a lot of support techniques we use to help with this problem.

I went ahead and took my full 12 weeks allotted to me with FMLA.  So I am for sure DREADING going back to work on December 2.  I am trying to be positive in that I only have to work 3 weeks before Christmas break :).  I technically only am working half a year!! YAY!!

Maybe next time I will post pictures.....  She is the cutest baby I know,  no bias :) HAHAHA!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Elliott Marie Stewart

Where do I begin....  whew what a day(s).

I went in on tuesday, june 25, for my 39 week appointment and my dr. was wondering how i was still pregnant.  I was 90% effaced.  So the Doctor stripped my membranes (TMI I know). Tyson was concerned about that and asked if we should just stay in Bryan at his parents just in case she decided to arrive later that day or early morning.  Dr said Nope, just go home, and I will see you on Sunday.  I was scheduled for induction on Sunday morning (June 30) at 5:30.

We decided to stay the night on Tuesday night in Bryan at the in-laws.  The next day we ran some errands and I told tyson,"this baby isn't coming until sunday, I don't feel any different, so lets go home to groesbeck".  And that's what we did.  We drove back home and got into town around 4 pm Wednesday afternoon.

Wednesday night around 11, the dog started running laps in and out and around our end table in the living room.  We both looked at each other, and tyson asked if I was in labor.  I laughed and told him no, that I didn't feel any different than I had any other day during my pregnancy.  (my pregnancy was fabulous by the way)  Our doctor had told us that strange behavior from your pets is a sign that you could be in labor, but I felt NOTHING.  Well, at this point in my pregnancy I was sleeping in the comfy guest bed, because our temper-pedic mattress had no give for me to turn over.  Around 2 am, i started feeling uncomfortable and was having pain in my lower back that would move around to the front and feel like cramping.  I wrote down the time thinking "maybe that's a contraction".  Then i went to the bathroom about what felt like 8,000 times.  Then 20 minutes later another "back pain cramp".  I get up and go tell tyson what i think is going on.  He was very calm as was I and I told him to go back to sleep, that I was going to continue to time them.  Dr. told us contractions every 20 minutes for an hour, to get on the road and come on in.  Well 18 minutes another one hit.  I go get Tyson and he gets dressed.  We sit and wait for another one and 18 minutes later, there it was.  We load up and hit the road, its 3am.  I call my parents (3 hours away) to let them know to head to Bryan.

We get in the car and 6 minutes into our drive I have a contraction, then another 6 minutes later.  Tyson drove the car like he stole it.  We made it to bryan by 3:45.  Normally takes an hour and fifteen minutes.

By the time we reach the hospital the contractions are 5 minutes apart.  I get checked in and taken to an ER room.  The nurse asks a million questions, hooks me up to monitors, checks me (I'm at a 5) and says "You are not going home tonight".  They move me to a Labor and Delivery room and ANOTHER nurse is there and asks me the exact same questions plus some.  During this time my contractions are getting closer together.  At 5:30 the anesthesiologist arrives to give me an epidural.  FINALLY.  At this point my contractions are 2-3 minutes apart and I am in sooooo much pain.  I am contracting so hard I am unable to bend very far for him to put in the epidural.  He had to do it twice.  Mind you, i felt nothing because my contractions were coming so hard and so fast.  Once the epidural was in , 6:00 am, it took 20 minutes for some relief.  The nurse checked me, said You are at a 9!! I bet we don't make it until 7!!  I was pumped.

However, little did I know, that if they would have checked me again before the anesthesiologist arrived I would not have received an epidural because I was progressing super fast.

At 7 am, they had a shift change and yet another nurse came in.  They asked me the SAME EXACT questions again for the 3rd time. Also, during the crazy contractions back at 5 am, I had signed my life away.  St. Josephs is a teaching hospital and I consented to them being in my room.  It was like a circus.... the dr,. the rn, student nurse, student dr, my mom, tyson, and random people in and out.

That epidural brought my labor to a screeching HALT.  I did not move again, my water never broke.  At 8 am, my dr came in and checked me and said i was at a 9.5. 2 hours I had moved a whole .5 cm.  She came back at 9 and broke my water.  I then finally moved to a 10 at 10 and the nurses had me start pushing.   I pushed for over 2 hours before our precious baby arrived.

12:19 pm, 6lbs, 12 oz and 19.5 inches long and a head full of RED HAIR.  She was here and she was healthy.

Time Flies...

It has been a VERY long time since I sat down to blog... the time... where does it go?

Our sweet baby girl, Elliott Marie, is already 12 weeks old.  I cannot believe it! She is such a joy and I cannot remember what I did before she was born.  I will have to go back and blog about our birth journey before I completely forget it all!! You know, with the whole sleep deprivation thing, my memory is shot.

School is back in session.  I went and worked the first week of school and then took 6 weeks of extended medical leave to take care of our baby girl.  She has SEVERE silent acid reflux and requires a lot of hands on attention. I didn't feel comfortable leaving her with someone with her not "well".  In the meantime, it is getting better and I am absolutely loving staying at home with her.  It is going to be extremely difficult to go back to work.

Tyson's tennis season is in full swing.  He is super busy as always!!  He is also a bottle making machine!!  I think it's his true calling in life!! HAHA :)

Until I remember to blog next time...  

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Well, Well, Well.....

I know it comes as a shock that I haven't written in MONTHS!! :)

It is tennis season in the Stewart Household and the husband is SUPER busy... with him getting new courts at the high school, he has to travel everywhere until they are done. So, he is traveling 3 days a week with Junior High, JV and Varsity. BUSY BUSY BUSY!!

In other news, SURPRISE we are having a baby!! I know this about knocked everyone I know off their seat because we said we would not have kids.  The whole being responsible for someone else's well-being and all that other stuff parenting entails was not for us.... but alas, we are jumping on the parent wagon!!  Baby Stewie is due July 1st.  I have felt absolutely FABULOUS the entire time.  No sickness at all!!  I will be 19 weeks tomorrow and we will find out the gender on February 22 per baby's cooperation!! All of the fun little old wives tales say that we are having a we will see if they are correct in just a couple weeks!! It is an exciting and overwhelming time for us!!  I am growing everyday!!  It is a very neat experience. This will be grandbaby #3 for my parents and grandbaby #4 for tyson's parents.

 Lots of excitement around here!!!

Monday, November 12, 2012


I am not a good blogger... actually I am HORRIBLE!!  I get on here all the time and read what everyone else is up to, but don't take the time to do it myself...

Life is crazy as Fall tennis is finishing up for Tyson and football season is winding down.  Being involved in small town america has been an adjustment and a blast.  We have been attending all the Groesbeck Football games, both in and out of town.  I have loved every minute of it.  Goat Football is continuing into the playoffs this week.  We play Jasper on Friday.  We will be making the trek to Crockett to watch some football action!!

Aggie Football... i mean what else can i say but WHOOP!!! How 'bout them ags?!?!  SO glad we have had a successful first year in the SEC.  We have enjoyed attending the A&M games this season too.  Our seats have been fabulous thanks to THSCA.

In great sister just had her baby last Wednesday.  Another little girl to love on! Chayse Marie is here and healthy.  And she is absolutely precious I might add, even though I may be a little partial :)

This Saturday, the 17th, Tyson and I will be married 5 years!! Can you believe it?? It has gone so quickly.  WOW!!! YAY for anniversaries!!

And we all know that i won't be on here again for a good while, so Happy Thanksgiving and everyone have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

24 days....

I DID IT!!! the Advocare 24 day challenge.....

I decided to give it a whirl when I saw my friend, Larry Hooper's results on facebook.  I was like, "okay this really does work, might as well give it a try".  and I am SOOO Glad I did.  I lost 13lbs and 11 inches. I am more excited about the inches than the weight.  To me, weight is just a number and I want to wear a certain sized clothes so the inches matter most.   :)

I loved doing this so much, that I still continue with the Advocare products.  I even have become a distributor because I want to continue it and get the discounts!! :)

If you want to try anything let me know, because I could rattle on and on about all this!!!